A few fun pages!

Today is my son’s birthday, so I don’t have a lot of time to update on here. I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and had a stroke of genius, though. I’m going to share a few of the pages that I’m a fan of.

1) The Classroom Seamstress has recently hit 500 fans and is doing a giveaway. It’s always fun to win free stuff, and she has some really cute stuff. So, even if you’re not a teacher, maybe the teacher in your life (or your child’s life) could use a really cute clipboard! Check her out!http://www.facebook.com/ClassroomSeamstress

2) Yarn Obsession. This lovely lady just came out with a book called “Pricing Crochet Fairly for Maximum Profit”. She has a website, and I think a blog… She’s a lovely lady, and I definitely suggest taking a peak at her fb. There’s also a link to her Etsy shop on her fb page. http://www.facebook.com/YarnObsession

3) Persnickety Rose makes all kinds of “Handmade gifts, keepsakes & home accessories”. She has some really pretty, and some really adorable designs! http://www.facebook.com/persnicketyrosegifts

4) MoonWorks Emporium does customized engraving on glass. Some of my favorite of their designs are their nerdy ones, lol. They do some really cool stuff with sports logos, cartoon characters, and it is my understanding that they are willing to try just about any design you can think of. I’m looking at getting some of their glasses for my fiance for Valentines day. http://www.facebook.com/MoonWorksEmporium

5) Charming Chains has some really unique jewelry! My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and this is where her gift is coming from. http://www.facebook.com/CharmingChains

These are just a few of the awesome pages that show up on my newsfeed. If you have any others you think I should check out, please, please share them with me!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Working on getting organized!!

I have a crazy week ahead! And that’s putting it lightly. I have a dinosaur to finish, and the pattern to get tested, I have a purse to finish, and a birthday to clean for, bake for and finish planning.

So today I got a student planner. Lol, no, there’s no school on this plate for now, but I do need to get my behind in gear and get more organized. My whole week is scribbled on, and I have a busy day of crocheting and scribbling out a pattern tomorrow, with some clay-ing, and a visit to a friend’s at some point. My only empty day, as of now is Thursday, but that will probably be spent scrubbing my tiny apartment.

Anyway, I’m terribly disorganized, so I’m really hoping this little book will give me a bit of accountability to myself. Wish me luck!!!

For those of us that hate sewing….

I don’t actually hate sewing in general. I love my sewing machine. It’s nothing fancy, but I used to sew a lot with it.

What I do kinda loathe, as far as sewing goes, is sewing different pieces of amigurumi together. Eyes and arms are always askew. No matter how much time I spend placing them, how many straight pins, or bobby pins, or safety pins I have in the darn things, they are always off. I have, on many occasions, taken off and tried to re-place the crooked extremities, but they never seem to get any straighter.

All that being said, I believe I mentioned that my Tiny one will be a year old on Wednesday. He has more toys than we have space for, but what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t get him anything? I may have also mentioned that he loves anything I make. It’s like he’s got mommy-made radar. My ruffled scarf, anything I crochet, even the cloth ball I made to put into hats when I take pictures of them (that’s his favorite right now, so I guess it’s good I’m not needing it for hat pictures, lol). So I’m making him the dinosaur I posted a picture of in a previous post.

So, back to the sewing. The thought of a dinosaur was a bit daunting, with the head/neck, body, tail and four feet that needed sewing. And that’s not to include any horns, spikes, spots, etc, that I might want to add.. So I am working on a “Low-Sew Dino” pattern. I have currently finished all of the bulky parts except the tail, and I’m really excited about this!! IMAG1573 IMAG1574 So far, the only sewing I’ve done has been to sew the neck onto the body!!


My goal is to make this a multi-pattern, pattern. The base of the dino is pretty plain. The idea is that he is cute as is (once he has a tail), or easily customizable to make different kinds of dinos. Another thing that’s pretty exciting is that it’s a toy we can make for our boys. It’s so hard to find cute patterns for boys, and I’m really happy to work on this one!! This, of course, can be modified for our girls, too.

I have some modifications I’d like to make, like making his neck a bit shorter. And I would like to add in a good variety of custom elements. It will probably be the end of next week when I have it tested, but definitely keep an eye out fora pattern this adorable little guy!!

Alrighty then!!!

I was finally able to upload my pattern to ravelry.com!! WooHoo!!! I’m going to take a few minutes and add this up here, as well. If you’d like the free PDF download, just folow this link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/funny-bunny-hat-2


To do this pattern, you’ll need to know how to:

~Make a magic ring, or crochet multiple stitches into the last stitch from the hook.

~Increase (incr) – crochet two stitches into the same stitch.

~Decrease (dec) or Stitch 2 Together –

~Chain     stitch (ch)

~Slip     stitch (slst)

~Single     crochet (sc)

~Half     double crochet (hdc)

Funny Bunny Hat:

What you’ll need:

~ Size K crochet hook

~Bulky weight yarn in 3 colors; I used Bernat Roving in Rice Paper, Cherry, and Putty.

~ Yarn needle

Before you begin!! This hat is worked in the round and joined at the end of each round. The ch 2 at the beginning of the round counts as the first hdc and you will be doing your first actual stitch in the same stitch you slst into. There are a lot of ways to start a hat working the round. I’d like to show you two of them, and please feel free to use whichever is easier for you (or if you have another way to do it that works, right on!).

The first method I’m going to show is that magic ring. Many people like the magic ring because it gives you a very tight closure at the top of a hat, or anything worked in the ring.

1.Make your first stitch on your chain, but leave it very loose. IMAG1442

2. Put your hook on the loop you usually use and chain two.IMAG1443IMAG1445

3. Make seven hdc in the ring, and then using the tail, pull the ring closed.IMAG1446

The second method I’m going to show is to put multiple stitches in the last stitch from the hook.

  1. Chain 3   IMAG1449
  1. In the last stitch from the hook hdc 7 timesIMAG1449a
  1. Slst into the top of the first hdc to join.

Toddler size Hat

Round 1. Using color A, create your magic ring. 7 hdc into the ring, pull tight and slst to the top of the first stitch to join, ch 2 (8)IMAG1447IMAG1450IMAG1451

Round 2. Hdc into the same st as the slst. 2 hdc in each st around (incr). Slst to the top of the first stitch to join, ch 2 (16)

Round 3. Hdc into the same st as the slst. Hdc in the next st. **Hdc, incr, repeat from ** 6 more times. Slst to join, ch 2 (24)

Round 4. Hdc in the same st as the slst. Incr, **Hdc in the next two stitches, incr, repeat from ** 6 more times. Slst to join, ch 2 (32)

Round 5. Hdc in the same st as the slst. Hdc in the next 5 stitches, incr. **Hdc in the next 7, incr, repeat from ** 2 more times. When you slst to join, put your hook into the top of the first st of the round, drop color A.IMAG1453 Yarn over with color B IMAG1454and pull through all loops. IMAG1455Ch 2. (36) IMAG1456Do not cut color A (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ7i21qW2d8 This video will give you an idea of how to change colors and carry them back up later.)

Round 6. Hdc around, slst to join, ch 2. (36)

Round 7. Hdc around. When you slst to join, put your hook into the top of the first st of the round, drop color BIMAG1457. Yarn over with color A,IMAG1461 and pull through all loops. Ch 2. (36)

Round 8. Hdc around. When you slst to join, put your hook into the top of the first st of the round, drop color A. Yarn over with color B, and pull through all loops. Ch 2. (36)

Round 9. Hdc around, slst to join, ch 2. (36)

Round 10. Hdc around. When you slst to join, put your hook through the top of the first st of the round, drop color B. Yarn over with color C and pull through all loops. Ch 2. (36)

Rounds 11-12 Hdc around, join and fasten off (36)

You can cut all of your yarn, now. Make sure you pull them tight enough that the seam isn’t obvious, and then sew the tails into the hat to secure them.

Ears (working from the bottom u p; make 2):

Using color A, ch 3.IMAG1449

Row 1: 1 hdc in the last st from the hook,IMAG1471 ch2, turn. (1)

Row 2: Inc IMAG1472, ch 2, turn. (2)

Row 3: Hdc, incr, ch2, turn. (3)

Row 4: Hdc, incr, hdc, ch2, turn. (4)

Row 5: Hdc, hdc, incr, hdc, ch 2, turn. (5)

Row 6: Hdc, hdc, incr, hdc, hdc, ch2, turn. (6)

Row 7: Hdc, hdc, hdc, incr, hdc, hdc, ch 2, turn. (7)

Rows 8-17: Hdc across (7)

Row 18: Hdc in the first 6 stitches, yarn over and put your hook into the last stitch. Yarn over and pull through the stitch. Using color B, yarn over and pull through all three loops. Ch 2 and turn (7)

Rows 19-21 Hdc across (7)

Row 22: Hdc, hdc, dec, hdc, hdc, hdc (6)

Row 23: Hdc, hdc, dec, hdc, hdc (5)

Row 24: Hdc, hdc, dec, hdc (4)

Fasten off.

Using color C, sc around the edges of the ears, starting from the top (color B). Attach ears to the top of the hat.

IMG951291These hats IMG957591

were done with Lion Brand Silky Twist, and Lion Brand Homespun yarns. While they look adorable, they are not 2 year old friendly. The yarn is easy to tear apart (which we learned the hard way), so choose your yarn wisely ;).

*** This is a pattern I have created. You are more than welcome to sell the hats you produce from this pattern, but I do ask that if you do share this pattern with anyone else, that you do link back to this pattern when selling the products.


Holy Moly….

So, apparently it’s been much longer than I realized since I avidly used Microsoft Word. I’m a bit stuck in the past… I wanted to copy and paste a pattern from a Word document onto here, but it looks like “select all” only selects text now? So I won’t be able to post the pattern until later when  I have time to add the pictures in properly. My apologies…

Until then, I’m working on a dinosaur pattern, and as a result, a dino toy for my son’s first birthday… preview: 14839_331390450307473_252987367_n 550695_331621596951025_200864244_n His head, and his foot! I’m pretty excited about this 🙂



I’d like to welcome you to my crochet blog! I learned how to crochet when I was 11, but nothing came of it until about a year and a half ago when I picked the hook back up! I am an avid hooker, and have recently picked up polymer clay, as well to create made to order crochet hook handles (with the hook, of course) 018, and stitch markersPicsArt_1357424930405.

All of my creations can be found in my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/dazzlindcreates?ref=pr_shop_more or on my facebook www.facebook.com/dazzlindcrochets.


I will be posting my original work, and my original patterns on this blog. I have absolutely no problem with you selling the products you make with the patterns on this or any of my sites. I do ask that you give me credit as the designer, and I will do everything in my power to offer you the same respect if I use your pattern. I do ask that you do not use my photos, however without my permission. It might surprise some of you to know, but it takes a lot of time to get just the right picture, so I’m a bit stingy on that front ;).


Thanks for visiting, and keep checking! I will be posting my first pattern in the next 24 hours!! IMG951291 <– this is what you’ll get 😉

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